Our Story


Education: Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.  Minor studied in International Business 

Continued Education:  Boca Raton Museum School of Art: Photography, Painting, Photoshop.  

Apprentice for Kate Benson Photography Miami, FL. 

Languages:  French {Fluent}, Spanish {Conversational}, Dutch {Be careful you can't fool me}  

Fun Fact! Nadia can sing the National Anthem of Kenya in Swahili.  

Equipment + Programs: Nikon, iMac, Photoshop


{About the Artist }

Nadia excelled in the Arts since childhood.  She made a bold and unconventional step to leave corporate life. As she slowly freed her time and devoted her passion to photography; she began the passage and transition into the world she'd always pictured, and now captures. She grew up in Nairobi, Kenya and Ottawa, Ontario.  She spent her summers in The Netherlands and throughout Europe.  She currently resides in South East Florida.  


Dear Client, 

Creating lasting images with photography is a gift and talent I share with each client.  Every new person and family I meet provides new inspiration and appreciation for their unique lifestyle. The images I create are heirlooms for each generation to cherish.

I look forward to capturing your memories.


- Nadia